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Opal Bracelet with Original Artwork Charm

Opal Bracelet with Original Artwork Charm

SKU: Opal - pinkpurple

Opal stretchy beaded bracelet with stainless steel artwork charm. This one of a kind bracelet has a 12mm original artwork charm incorporating a tiny piece of a larger work of art using shades of pink and purple with touches of shimmery silver. Bracelet is 17cm and stretches to fit your wrist.

Opal properties:

Stone of inspiration that enhances imagination and creativity, often referred to as the "Eye Stone" for its ability to foster deep introspection and emotional clarity. Brings a sense of calm, security, and inner peace.

Debra creates one of a kind original artwork jewelry using inspiration from Mother Nature's pallet of colors and the beauty of her garden island home, Kauai, as well as inspiration from her traveling adventures. Creating abstract acrylic paintings, she then turns them into wearable works of art. Each piece of Drift Away Studio jewelry has a tiny piece of a larger painting individually hand set inside making it truly unique and one of a kind.

Like a certain style and looking for a favorite color combination? Please reach out to have the perfect jewelry piece custom made for you.

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